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This is a list of TV Shows I think people will enjoy, it is old and new stuff and not really ranked by any other order then what I remember.

Now for some zany clever comedy: community! It is well written, the ensemble cast is really funny together and it is as clever as the good old-fashioned Moonshining. They don’t mind breaking any “rules” and use whatever style, including claymation to spoof their own reality. Lot’s to love, hard to explain: go watch a couple of episodes.

A pioneer town in the middle of the gold rush, old west stuff. How they start in the mud with tents and build a town with all the intrigue and, murder etc. When it first came out and won all sorts of awards I did not take it too seriously, how can any series starring “Lovejoy” be any more then a nice Dr. Quinn Medicine Little House on the prairie. Until you finally watch the show! The use of language, the acting, the stories, the fantastic mind-blowing cast! But really the language! Every episode I am in shock how they even got to make something this amazing, and at the end, you wonder how they could end this work of art.

Games of Thrones
If you have not seen it, it is hard to explain, 7 families battle for control in a fictional world, a lot of politics, great cast and some fantastic scenes. I love it, Peter Dinklage steals the show in almost every scene he is in unless of course, he comes up to the ultimate acting power of the majestic Charles Dance. One of my favourite details is the fact the Dennis the Pennis (Paul Kaye) is one of the new characters.

House of Lies
House of Lies dives deep into the world of the consultants, sometimes it is pure satire and other moments are great relationship scenes that work really well with the fantastic cast. Don Cheadle plays Marty Kaan. His character addresses the viewer to explain his situations and give running commentary on what is happening. It not only adds another layer they use it in a dramatic way and in some scenes Marty Kaan actually pushes the camera away when he is too vulnerable or embarrassed. The shows are short and furious, but very well written and the cast is fantastic.

Timothy Olyphant continues his law and order role from Deadwood as a modern-day Marshall, the stories are excellent, the cast, a lot of guest starring from Deadwood, is really really good and the twists are original and cool. The main characters relationship with the local baddy is fun and the play on stereotypes makes it very entertaining. Every time you think you can guess where things are going they come up with a clever new twist. One of the best shows around in my opinion.

Rick and Morty
From the same creator as Community Dan Harmon, only this is a full-on psychedelic cartoon.

If you have not seen Sherlock, you have to go see it. It is not just clever Holmey stuff yo solving problems with supercool logic, the thing they do in the American version “Elementary”. (pretty cool show btw, it has Lucy Liu in it) Both main characters are an equal part of the story, not an excuse to talk to and show how clever Holmes is, the use of modern-day tech is clever and adds to the scope. Benedict Cumberbatch is fantastic as Holmes, Martin Freeman very engaging as Dr Watson. For my taste, some stuff get’s a bit beyond suspension of disbelief BUT I hope it will be explained in a proper clever way in the new series!


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