Iron Man III: Lethal Iron Weapon Man

Iron Man part 3, I enjoyed this one, really enjoyed it. Unlike part 2 it does not run away from itself. Because I went to see it completely uninformed, the end credits revealed why: Shane black directed it and was one of the writers. He is the guy who wrote the original screenplay forĀ Lethal Weapon and had his excellent directorial debut with “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” starring Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer. Even though James Bond was busy doing hard action while making puns, people credit Shane Black for the funny buddy genre. Something he still does very well in Iron Man 3, although it is all part of the bigger picture. There are some fun surprises in the movie and clever tricks with movie structure and how you are supposed to set up a big Hollywood story.

It is also the first movie I have seen that takes the whole universe into account, things that happened in the Avengers movie do play a role in this one, which was pretty strange, but actually pretty cool. Naturally, things go wrong and all sort of stuff happens, Don Cheadle, who really impressed in the new TV SeriesĀ House of Lies, was excellent in this. Not the lame chemistry-free buddy he was on part 2. Plot twists were smart and did not underestimate the audience, acting was pretty good. Robert Downey Jr. does have an odd habit of hamming it up a bit but it suits the character. The baddies where really good and interesting and it got big, really big but never broke the suspension is disbelief, not for me anyway.

Fun like the first but a much better movie than either Part I or II.


Author: maarten

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